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Directions to View Math Expression



All families K - 6 have online access to the CCSS Math Expression curriculum. How families access this looks different for primary and intermediate grades.

Grades 4 - 6: Students/Families will access to the online materials via the student accounts.

Grades K - 3: Students/Families have access to online materials via a general student account per grade level. 

  • Kindergarten: Username: EDM-GradeK_WG     Password: EDM_Stu123!
  • 1st Grade:       Username: EDM-Grade1_WG     Password: EDM_Stu123!
  • 2nd Grade:      Username: EDM-Grade2_WG     Password: EDM_Stu123!
  • 3rd Grade:       Username: EDM-Grade3_WG     Password: EDM_Stu123!